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AI, MI series intelligent electric actuator is driven by three-phase asynchronous motor, decelerates through worm and gear, puts hollow output shaft in motion to output torque. The reducer has manual /power-driven switch mechanism, when handle is in manual position, the hand wheel will put hollow output shaft in motion through clutch; When it's driven by power, the switch mechanism will return to power-driven position automatically, then wheel gear and clutch meshes, and three-phase asynchronous motor drives hollow output shaft to roll.
Roll of actuator hollow output shaft is transmitted to Hall Effect pulse sensor through speed up mechanism, axial shift generated by motor worm axial force is transmitted to mechanical torque control mechanism (switch mechanism), to control valve position and torque.
Intelligent controller of electric actuator receives standard analog circuit control signal or switch value control signal or bus signal, and locates the output shaft to the position corresponding to the input signal. Or locates it to the preset position based on interconnected control, two-wire control or urgency ESD event signal.
L classic mechanical torque protection device, reliable and stable;
L Hall Effect pulse sensor is highly accurate;
L Very-large-scale integration chip makes it powerful;
L Both Chinese and English menu are available, being set and adjusted by a remote control unit, easy and convenient;
L Non-intrusive design----double sealed structure, shell is designed without driving shaft, no need to open the control cabinet shroud when adjust, protection grade is up to IP68.,