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Terms of SAIC After-sale service

This provision was based on "The People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law," "The People's Republic of China on Product Quality" and the other provisions of the development. Those who buy goods in the Marketing Center Web site customers, please read the details of this requirement. Returns if the product page is no special provisions, will be the implementation of the following terms. Special Note:
1, in return, a replacement before you in advance by phone or e-mail contact with us, you can also bottom of the page complaint in the mail system in fill section to inform the serial number and your order Returns reason, contact so, we, as the case properly for you to solve.
2, the returned merchandise product requirements with complete packaging, spare parts, manuals, warranty, invoice, invoices, Returns description of reason.
3, any of the following situations occurs the user will not enjoy the mall Return commitments:
Product was non-normal use;
Non-normal conditions, storage, exposure to wet conditions;
Exposure to high temperature or low temperatures;
Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration;
Improper installation;
Damage caused by force majeure;
Food or liquid splashed down due to damage;
Product of normal wear and tear;
Customer Returns without prior contact with us;
Return the product packaging is not complete;
Return the product parts and the attached information is incomplete;
Return the product invoice or invoices, lost, altered, or damaged;
Beyond the warranty period;
Products are not provided by us.
4, exceeding the quality assurance of goods, marketing central coordination, to solve your problem, the increased costs borne by the user. Second, the Return Return way before you get in touch with us, or marketing centers the right to refuse without any reason stated return policy requirements. You can offer business product delivery and business address or telephone consultation approach. Please note:
a, the right to interpret this provision in the marketing center site, subject to change without notice.
b, as photos show, we can not guarantee that page shows the actual product color and color exactly the same goods, we will try to explain on this page.