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  • Product number:MC-000080006570
  • Product name:Speed digital display instrument
  • Product Type:XJP-02B
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:tachometer >> speed sensor >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
XJP-02B speed digital display instrument, is XJP-02A upgrade product, which uses a new chip technology, replace the original digital circuitry, and enhanced product reliability. And increase the parameter setting function, expand the product scope. The display instrument with proximity switches, Hall, optical, magnetic and other types of speed sensor package, used to measure speed, velocity and angular velocity, can be complementary with the flow sensor to detect flow, widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, energy , light industry, textile, electronics, machinery, automobile and other industries.
□ Main Specifications
Speed Accuracy: 6 ~ 9999 r / min
Display range: 0.001 to 9999. (Decimal point can be arbitrarily set)
Accuracy: 0.02%
Input signal frequency: 0.5 Hz ~ 10kHz
Input signal amplitude: sine 300mA ~ 12V
0.5V ~ 12V square wave
Factor setting range: 0.001 to 9999.
Power supply: 220V AC.50 Hz
Use environment: Temperature 5 ~ 40 Relative humidity ≤ 85%
Hole Size: 132 × 67 mm
Dimensions: 140 × 75 × 172 mm
Weight: less than 1.0 kg