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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
WY26 Low Vacuum Tester, use 220VAC power, four bit LED display, equipped with high precision transmitter, with good stability, high accuracy, strong anti-jamming. Small size, light weight, simple operation, suitable for industrial field and lab
1.Measuring range: :1) 0.2Pa~0.2kPa (absolute pressure) 
1.Measuring range: :2) 1Pa~1kPa  (absolute pressure)
1.Measuring range: :3) l0Pa~l0kPa  (absolute pressure)
1.Measuring range: :4) l00Pa~l00kPa (absolute pressure)
2.Display unit: Pa、kPa、Torr、mmHg、…、
3.Display bits: Split four bit LED (“-1999~+9999”)  integrated  3 1/2LCD (“-1999~+1999”) 
4.Accuracy: 0.2 level,0.5 level,1 level
Output signal: E 4~20mA 
5.Output signal: I 0~l0mA )
6.Power: 220VAC,50Hz 
7.Using environment: temperature: 0~50℃      humidity: ≤85%RH 
8.Preheat time: 5 minutes
9.Dimension: desktop: B×H×D:210mm×90mm×230mm 
9.Dimension: embedded B×H×D:160mm×80mm×140mm