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June  23 , 2024  Sunday
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LN4700 emulator, is an universal meter contain digital DC voltage, Millivolt, current signal source , with high accuracy, high regulation, high reliability, etc
Use 22mm height LCD, clear reading, EL backlight source
4 1/2 LCD display, word height 22mm
Processing display “1”, max display value 19999
24V.DC(30mA.MAX) power output, can be used as 24V.DC power of two-wiring instrument
With 0-10V、0-100mV、0-20mV、0-20mA and 0-22mA DC signal source
With 200mV、2V、20V、200V、700V DC voltage signal measuring 
With 20mA、100mA DC current signal measuring
With 2V、20V、200V、700V AC voltage signal measuring
With 20mA、100mA AC current measuring
With 200Ω、2KΩ、20KΩ、200KΩ、2MΩ、20MΩ resistance measuring
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