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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Input and output signal use optical isolation
As the actuator directly receive switch signal to drive regulatory agencies for processing control. Valve position signal 4~20mA, feedback output, signal transmission need welded cable to connect
As motor power, control, feedback signal all go through same connector, same time electric actuator installed in each production field, this do troubles for adjusting electric actuator. So we company product actuator calibrator——need not external power, connected to electric actuator with cable connector
Main technology index
1、    working voltage: external 220VAC  50Hz
2、    input signal: switch volume
3、 output feedback signal: 4~20mA(input resistance 250Ω)
4、accuracy: ≤0.5%FS
5、 environment temperature: -25℃~70℃
    Relative humidity<=85%