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  • Product number:MC-000040005603
  • Product name:smart digital display regulator
  • Product Type:XTMD-100
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:display record >> indicator >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Use advanced SMT surface mounting technology. Use advanced switch power, make instrument more flexible. Contain full input function. Accuracy: 0.5FS±1dig. Resolution: 14dit. Contain PID self-tuning. Manual/automatic switch.
B:0~1800℃  S:0~1600℃
K:0~1300℃  E:0~800℃
T:0~300℃  J:0~800℃
WU-Re3-25   0~2000℃
Cu50    :0.0~150.0℃
Linear input
mV input: 0~10mv.DC;0~50mV.DC  0~100mv.DC
voltage input: 0~5V DC;    1~5V.DC
current input: 0~10mA.DC:4~20mA DC
Radiation sensing device: WFT-202(F1 quartz glass)400~1200℃
WFT-202(F2,K9 glass)700~2000℃
Output type
Control mode
0: current  0~10mA.DC(max load resistance 1.5kΩ)
1:current  4-20mA.DC(max load resistance 800Ω)
2:relay   contact volume 3A/250VAC resistive load
SSR solid relay    volume 1A/250VAC resistive load
Pulse voltage   24VDC(max current 30mA)
Control parameters
Ratio band (Pb) 0~400.0%:
Integration time(Ti) 0-3600 s
Differential time(Td) 0~1800s
Control non flexible area(Hy) 0~9999
Control circle(t) 1~120s
1 upper limit alarm
2 lower limit alarm(two-bit control)
3 upper, lower limit alarm(three-bit control)
4 upper, upper limit alarm
5 lower, lower limit alarm
Contact non flexible area: 0~9999, optional
Contact volume: 2A、250V AC
Process volume output: 0~10mA DC、4~20mA DC、0~5V.DC   1~5V DC
Transformer supply power: 220V 4-10%50Hz~60Hz
Switch power: 85V~264VAC  50Hz~60Hz
Supply power of transmitter: 24V、30mADC
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