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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
XXS-01B、XXS-02B flash signal alarm, usually installed in instrument plate of control room. Its input signal is electric contact, can be used with all kinds of electric contact instruments, if parameters exceed limit value, it attracts the attention of operating workers; ensure safety of production, as using CMOS circuit, can be used in corrosive gas and explosion fields
Power voltage: 220V±10﹪V, frequency:50±5﹪Hz
Environment temperature: +5~+50﹪
Max circuit resistance between contact element and alarm: should not exceed 20Ω
Input alarm signal: contact type, this contact should work independently
Sound alarm: AC 200V, 8W electric bell or buzzer
Power consumption of alarm: 14W
Weight: 4.5㎏
Dimension: 160×80×210(㎜)
Hole size: 152×76(㎜)