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  • Product number:MC-000039005046
  • Product name:Pneumatic Pressure Indicating Controller
  • Product Type:YWL-5012
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:level meter >> level transmitter >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
YWL series pneumatic pressure indicating controller is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, textile, and food industry control system to measure pressure of liquid, gas and vapor. The instrument not only can indicate on field but also can do auto-control on regulation law. It is compact, low price and easy to operate.
Pointer corner:45°
Dial arc length:155mm
Indicating accuracy:±1.5%
Regulating accuracy:±1.5%(Proportionality 10~100%)
                   ±2.5%(Proportionality 100~250%)
Transmit accuracy:±1.5%
Output pressure:20~100KPa
Proportionality:P: 10~250%
Integration time Ti:fast type 0.1~2.5(min)
                 Standard type 0.5~25(min)
Air consumption:150NL/h
Ambient temperature:-10~+55℃
Air resource:Column Installation:300~700KPa
Panel type, wall-mounted:140KPa
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