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October  22 , 2020  Thursday
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
ZD-B automatic dosing unit used for regulating high-pressure boiler to add water ammonia、phosphate、hydrazine, etc. Ensure system be at best working state
1、  using industrial PH meter as checking device, can correctly reflect PH value of media
2、  using SPC technology instruments, with critical thinking capabilities, parameters can be set by users, convenient to use
3、  adopt fuzzy Control Theory and optimization, can reduce large vibration of system
4、  High quality regulation
5、  Adopt AC motor, amplifier is the inverter, motor will not be fast, long using life
1、  checking range: PH meter 0~14PH, output 0~10mA or 4~20mA
2、  dosing pump pressure: 2.5Kpa,  max flow 50L/h
3、  speed regulation range of AC motor: 0~3000 R / min
4、  regulation error: ±0.1PH
5、  weight: A set of instruments 55kg   two sets of instruments
dimension: (H×B×D)(mm):160×60×50