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  • Product number:MC-000421004237
  • Product name:tank management system
  • Product Type:tank management system
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:control system >> automatic control system >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Can  measure level、interface、temperature、density、volume、weight and other parameters of all kinds of tanks in time. Weather the output signal of measuring instruments is analog signal or 485/232 serial output signal, can all be input to computer through date collector, then did by corresponding date processing.
Display and alarm:
Screen show the liquid level and water level of all tanks. When liquid level or water level exceed setting valve, the speaker connected to field will alarm, remind operator pay attention
Database management:
Database is the important part of system management software, it contain month database、history database、system parameter database and tank volume database. The month database will automatically get to history database if the data exceed specified time. With the system working, can query、delete、save or print of database
Report printing:
Contain output and print functions of all kinds of statistics report. Like forward and turn the oil inspection work records, bulk warehouse receipt account, forward and turn the oil inspection business records, and oil tank daily report
Remote communication:
System using two standard PC as monitoring management computer, one is in field monitoring room, the other is in business room, two computers are separately connected to telephone switched network through modem, achieve dial-up communication, so administrator can realize、manage the work and production of tanks anytime