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HX600B intelligent pressure calibrator is a portable pressure calibrator which combines production of pressure and measure pressure as one. It can calibrate pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter and pressure sensor in lab and on site. It also can be used as the industrial instrument. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, military and other industries.
Produce pressure range: (0~72)MPa
Stability: >0.05%F.S
Pressure measure range: (-0.1~100)MPa
Accuracy: >0.05%F.S
Current measurement (0~25)mA
Accuracy: 0.03%RD+0.02%F.S
Voltage measurement: (0~25)V
Accuracy: 0.03%RD+0.02%F.S
Switch measurement: (5~12)V
DC output: DC24V (≤30mA)
Accuracy: 1%F.S
Power supply: AC220V
 Communication interface: RS232
Working medium: Transformer oil
Output interface: M20×1.5
Enclosure demision: 310mm×260mm×185mm
weight: 10kg