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  • Product number:MC-000498003232
  • Product name:Multi-flow Measurement Indicator
  • Product Type:XMW-31G-4
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:physical meter >> quantity of heat >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
XMW-31G-4 gas flow indicator uses PC circuit which equips temperature transmitter circuit and printing devices. It is usually completed with saving devices, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter and platinum resistance to measure three loops flow of high-temperature water and gas. It can automatically do density compensation for flow and send three group control signal according to setting. Instrument can display and print out every channel of flow, temperature, pressure and flow accumulation value. When the gas flow of 13th loop is less than the rule flow, it will send control signal of every loop; when the input signal is out of rule value, it will alarm by light. The instrument also can measure flow of the steam, hot and cold water, compressed air, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, natural gas and other gases.
Basic error:≤±0.5%
gas temperature:5℃~200℃或100℃~450℃
gas:Compressed air, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, natural gas and other gases.
input signal:DC 0~10mA or 4~20mA
working temperature: 5℃~40℃        RH:5~90%
power supply:AC220(197-242) V   50Hz±5%
power consumption:<25W
hole size:362×121㎜