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  • Product number:MC-000018002519
  • Product name:Thermal Resistance Calibration Equipment
  • Product Type:WJT-303A
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:temperature meter >> checking unit >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
WJT-303A thermal resistance calibration device is specifically for industrial use A-, B-class thermal resistance. It is used to detect indexing number Pt100, Pt10 platinum thermal resistance and heat resistance of copper Cu50. 303 thermal resistance calibration device uses comparing method that is compare second standard platinum thermal resistance with measure thermal resistance. This device is suitable for calibrating industrial thermal resistance in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and metrology sector.
Device structure and Dimensions
a. Operation screen:fixed on operation platform,Dimensions(mm):690×350×442
b. Freezing tank:Placed in operation platform,Dimensions(mm):240×240×430
c. Boiling point of water tank:Placed in operation platform,Dimensions(mm):ø 215×460
d. operation platform:computer operation platform,Dimensions(mm):1300×800×800(
Device composition
a. electrical measuring instruments and precision grade of measuring system
QJ18aTemperature Double Bridge:Accuracy grade 0.02
AC15a/2 DC-radiation-type galvanometer:The same level of zero 0.5 grade
AC11Optical Amplifier:Symmetry of indicator deflection±10﹪
FC65 Saturation Regulator
YJ44A DC Regulator:potential regulators≤±0.05%
8822 multi-point switch
b. 0℃Temperature source system:
Freezing tank
AC24 Optical Zoom type galvanometer:drift <10div/min
c. 100℃Temperature source system:
Boiling point of water tank
Heating device
Temperature components:WZP-26SMicro-platinum resistance
XMZD Digital Display Instrument:Accuracy grade 0.5
d. Standard equipment:Second-class standard platinum resistance
100℃Temperature source specification
a. temperature error of 100 ℃ source temperature: 100℃ Temperature deviation<= 2℃
b. 100 ℃ source temperature stability:temperature change<=0.04℃ every minute
c. 100 ℃ source temperature field uniformity:the maximum level difference temperature between boiling point tank sockets <= 0.01℃
accuracy grade of complete Electrical Measurement equipment:0.02级
Working condition
a. ambient temperature:12~28℃
b. ensure the accuracy of temperature:18~22℃
c. RH:≤80﹪
d. power voltage:AC 220±1.0﹪V,50Hz
e. no corrosive gas in ambient
f. No vibration and impact devices around