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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
XPZX two-wire signal converter is used to convert thermocouple or thermal resistance signal into standard 4~20mA signal. It is mainly used in DCS/PLC system and offered energy or transmission signal by circuit. We can provide wire-site installation isolated signal converters according to customer’s requirement.
Sensor type            thermal resistor; thermocouple
Output signal          4~20mADC
range               user order
Conversion Accuracy           0.5%
Temperature drift              0.025%  FS/℃
Power voltage              22V~30VDC
Max load resistance              600Ω(24V)     400Ω(With digital display, with Isolated,24V)
Power consumption             about 0.5W(24V,20mA output)
Isolation Voltage           1kVAC (input/output)
Display Accuracy          ±0.2% 
Protection level            IP65(Without digital display type)   IP64(With digital display type)
Ambient temperature         -25℃~+75℃
RH                        10%~90%  
Storage temperature        -40~+80℃