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  • Introduction
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TMT182F Field mounted Temperature Transmitter is a intelligent temperature transmitter with HART field bus communication. It can receive 2, 3, 4-wire RTD, thermocouples, resistance or millivolt input and linearly deal with the input signal then output 4~20mA standard signal. It has the feature of electrical isolation and pre-set for sensor damaged and short-circuit fault signal.
TMT182FDA field mounted temperature transmitter installed TMT182 module which made by E+H on the domestic-style aluminum case and equipped with high-brightness LED display. User can observe the measured temperature through the window.
Configuration features   use  manual operator (275 type) or PC (with Commubox FXA191) or PC (with Commubox FXA191) for configuration
Input signal type        Thermal resistance, all kinds of thermocouples, resistance, millivolt signal
range                         set through PC interface
Conversion Accuracy      ≤0.08%
Output signal                     analog 4~20mA  20~4mA
Cold Junction Accuracy        ±1℃(thermocouple) 
Max load                          (V power-14.8V)/0.025A(current output)
Limit current                     ≤25mA
Response time                      1s
Display digital                      four digital
Isolated voltage                     2kVAC(input/output)
Alarm signal                      Configurable settings
Power voltage                        14.8~35VDC
Long-term stability               ≤0.1℃/year or 0.05%/year
Protection level                     IP66(TMT182FDA) IP64(TMT182FDP)
Ambient temperature                -40~+85℃