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  • Product number:MC-000491002405
  • Product name:Intelligent double-loop digital calculator
  • Product Type:Intelligent double-loop digital calculator
  • Product nameplate:SAIC
  • Project Category:regulation meter >> controller >>
  • Manufacturer:Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
  • Sales unit: Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Marketing Center
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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Integrated instrument-specific chips, with more reliable anti-interference and stability of\
Universal signal input through the menu settings can be assigned access commonly used thermal signal.
Modify the display range on line , transmission output range, alarm values and alarm mode.
Hardware and software combination of anti-jamming mode, effectively inhibit the site interfering signals
Digital calibration techniques, non-adjustable components such as potentiometers.
Automatically compensates of thermocouple cold junction temperature and thermal resistance of lead resistance.
Can supply power distribution function for the second and third-wire transmitter
With RS232 or RS485 communication functions, using standard MODBUS RTU protocol to connect with the host computer may constitute a data acquisition system and control system.
D/S421、423、D721、723、D/S821、823、D921、923、TD/TS821、823 series
Display mode:double-four LED display first road measured values (PV1) and the second path measurements (PV2), red / green light beam to measure the value of the percentage of two-way analog display (only 80 series).
Display range:-1999~9999。
Measuring accuracy:±0.2%FS±1bytes or 0.5%FS±1byte;±0.1%FS±1byte(can order for special)。
Resolution :±1byte。
Alarm code:1-4个contact control(1AL、2AL、3AL、4AL)LED display
Alarm accuracy:±1byte。
Protection mode:Input circuit disconnected, the input signal super / less-range warning; input circuit disconnection transmission output to maintain the maximum, minimum optional.
Setting mode:digital touch-button panel configuration, set the value of power for permanent retention。
Division operation:S0=AS1÷BS2
Operation accuracy:±0.5%FS±1byte or ±0.2%FS±1byte
Operation cycle:0.4s
Notes 1:S0—output signal ; S1、S2—input signal ;A、B—coefficient
Input signal
Automatic compensation for cold junction temperature range of 0 ~ 50 ℃, compensation accuracy ± 1 ℃
Thermal resistance:Pt100、Cu100、Cu50、BA2、BA1;
Lead resistance compensation range≤15Ω。
linear resistance:0~400Ω
Remote resistance:30~350Ω(remote pressure meter)。
DC voltage:0~20mV、0~100mV、0~5V、1~5V、0~5V开方、1~5V开方、-5~5V;-10V~10V、0~10V(indicate when ordering)。
DC current:0~10mA、4~20mA 、0~20mA、0~10mA开方、4~20mA开方。
Input resistance:voltage signal Ri≥500KΩ,current signal Ri≤100Ω。
Output signal
Output signal :±0.2%FS±1bytes or 0.5%FS±1byte;±0.1%FS±1byte(can order for special)。
Current signal :DC 4~20mA,load resistance R≤500Ω;DC 0~10mA,load resistance R≤750Ω。
Voltage signal:DC 0~5V;DC 1~5V,load resistance  R≥250KΩ,
Alarm output:relay control output─relay ON/OFF  with backlash
Communication output:baud─2400、4800、9600bps
Setting freely inside,adopt MODBUS RTU communication protocol
Distribution output:DC24±1V,load current≤30mA。
Using environment
Environment temperature:-10~55℃;environment humidity:10~90%RH。
Pressure strength:Input / output / power / communication  ≥1000V.AC 1minute。
Isolated resistance:Input / output / power / communication ≥100MΩ。
AC power:90~265V(switch power),frequency:50Hz/60Hz
DC power:24V±2V(switch power)。
Power dissipation:<5W。