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September  27 , 2022  Tuesday
  • Introduction
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DJJ adder is one unit of DDZ-Ⅱseries of instruments .It can do addition operation with the output signal of transmitter or regulator, then sent the signal 0~10mA to the next checking instrument. It has four input channels. two types : DJJ-04 adder ,can do calculation with foreign signal(transmitter or regulator ),then sent the unified signal 0~10mA to the next checking unit.
DJJ-21 adder can do calculation with  positive and negative signal of regulation system..
Main technology index
Input channel :4(mutual isolation )
Input resistance : 400Ω(single-channel)
Load resistance : 0~1.5KΩ
Working conditions :environment temperature : 0~45℃
Relative humidity : ≤85%
Working vibration :frequency≤25Hz
Amplitude : ≤0.1mm(two-way)
Power supply : 220V   50Hz
Power dissipation :about <5W
Structure : wall mounting