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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
DBW-5500A(Ⅲ)temperature transmitter is a mainly unit of DDZ-Ⅲ series instrument which used with all kinds of thermocouple and thermal resistor to convert temperature signal into 4~20mA DC signal. It also can be used as a Low-level millivolt DC Converter which completed with transmitter and output 4~20mA DC. user can choose 1~5V DC output. They are used with regulator and the actuator to form an automatic temperature-conditioning system.
Input signal
Thermocouple and mV input range:2~50mV
Maximum transfer amount:<=50mV
Thermal resistance and resistance input range:10~100Ω
Lower limit range of resistance:R0=10~185Ω
Input signal:DC  4~20mA  DC  1~5V
Basic error:
Thermocouple and mV input:
2mV≤ΔmV<3mV±1.5 %;( Actual>±1%)
3mV≤ΔmV<5mV±1.0 %;( Actual>±0.5%)
5mV≤ΔmV<50mV±0.5 %;( Actual>±0.25%)
Thermal resistance and resistance input:ΔR:10Ω~100Ω±0.5%
Load characteristics:
Constant Current Output:0~450Ω
Working condition:
Ambient temperature:0~45℃