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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Products description
Meter provides power circuit for the primary instruments, like pressure transmitter and
others that need power supply availability, measure the output current signal of this
primary instrument the same time, And after operations, interference suppression and
other treatment, Transmit and output isolation of the single-or dual current / voltage
signals, and improve the electrical isolation among input、output and power. It can be used
with  the unit combination meter and DCS、PLC system. It is used widely in Oilfield,
petrochemical, manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy and other major projects.
       All intelligent、digital、programmable;
        Working temperature、zero、full automatic compensation increasing
        High stability, make sure the accuracy be unchanged for years
        High isolation among the power、input、output and two-circuit
        According to international standard of IEC61000
Specifications and parameters
System transmission accuracy:±0.5%×F.S
Cold junction temperature compensation accuracy:±1℃(warm up 30 minutes)
Allowed impedance load:4—20mA,0~350Ω;0—10mA,0~700Ω
Internal impedance :250Ω
Insulation resistance among input、output、power and communications: more than 100MΩ
Insulation strength among input/output/power/communications and two-circuited≥2000V.DC
Communication interface: MODBUS standard interface
Communication distance:RS485-bytes,distance≤1000 meters
Working environment: installation field must not have a strong vibration and the
surrounding environment should not have serious corrosive effect of harmful substances
on Metal, plastic pieces.
Temperature drift:<0.005%F.S/℃
Working temperature:-10—+55℃
Power:DC24V±10%; AC95~265V
Input power:1.39~2.58W