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Products description
HR2010 is an economical intelligent power sensor,using PIC18 series of single PC as the controlling core, with RS485 network connection, support MODBUS Statute, programmable setting function.
Specifications and parameters
Executive Standard: GB/13850.1-1992,DZ/T721-2000
Phase voltage: V/KV 0.2%RD(0~350V)  0.5%RD(0~150V)
Line voltage: V/KV 1.0%RG(0~600V)   1.0%RG(0~260V)
Current :A/KA 0.2%RD(0~5A)    0.5%RD(0~1A)
Active power: W/KW/MW/GW 0.5%RD
Reactive power: var/Kvar/Mvar/Gvar 0.5%RD
Power factors: 0.5%RD
Active power: Wh/KWh/MWh/GWh 1.0%RD
Reactive power: varh/Kvarh/Mvarh 1.0%RD
Power: Hz 0.1%RG
Note: V1/V2/V3/Ve0:phase voltage  V12/V23/V31/Ve:line voltage
PF1/PF2/PF3:single-phase power factor      Pf:total power factor
Power accuracy range:
Power factor: COSФ0.5~1.0(active power)  SINФ0.5~1.0(reactive power)   voltage>50A  current>0.5A
Input range: voltage: 5V-120V/600V(Max:600V)
Current : ≤0.1VA/5A
Programmable setting
Measuring system selection: three-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire/one-phase two-wire/one-phase three-wire
Baud : 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200
Address: 1-247
Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU
Insulation and pressure: input/output/power: ≥20MΩ(DC500V);2kV/min.2mA
Stability: temperature influence: 100ppm/℃
Long-term stability: ≤0.2%/year
Working conditions: temperature: -30℃~70℃, humidity: 10%~90% RH
Storage conditions: temperature: -40℃~80℃, humidity: 10%~90% RH
Dimensions: 110㎜×75㎜×70㎜
 Installation: 35 mm rail mounting or screw fixation