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June  23 , 2024  Sunday
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[Technology]Several instruments of grounded Tips

Author:Editorial Marketing Center
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          Instrumentation installation, proper grounding can make automation and control systems reduce unnecessary accidents. Here to introduce several instruments grounded Tips to help you better grounding.
1, the control system AC power supply should come from a separate system, and should be using separately with other equipment;
2, the power should be taken into account in designing the initial impact of current, at least able to withstand 10 cycles;
3, the control system AC ground should be built in isolation transformer or UPS, or in the vicinity;
4, the control system should use the dedicated workstation AC power outlet;
5, when connecting field device power a few I / O interface, adapter, should use the Fence Ordinance;
6, the control system AC power should be supplied by the isolation transformer or UPS;
7, when the AC and DC input terminal connected to the same row, cable row will be marked with appropriate warning labels;
8, AC grounding wire should be streamlined and contained a considerable number or a larger size;
9, reserved for an additional line or use a terminal box to provide test points.
10, the resistance of grounding systems must be tested to ensure the ground control system manufacturers to meet the requirements of electromagnetic such asTester | Relay Test | loop impedance tester | Multi tester.