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June  23 , 2024  Sunday
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[Technology]Several installation of precision pressure

Author:Editorial Marketing Center
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         Precision pressure gauge Installation including into inlay and direct mount. The so-called precision pressure gauge installation is the installation has its own structure type. Inlay, also known as disk-loading, is mounting ring with a precision pressure gauge. Is what we often say that Precision pressure gauge before the band edge of axial and radial side of the former with a precision pressure gauge. Such Instrument installation ring is the supporting components, its interface thread only play the role of pipeline connections. Installation is a more common application of a typical installation type, its interface is necessary to play a role of The role of pipe connections also play a role in the supporting role of the instrument.
          There is another installation is convex-mounted, that is, we often say after the band edge precision pressure gauge, also called wall-mounted, the application of this convex-mounted precision pressure gauge is also more common.