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Modern equipment to accelerate the pace of industrial development

Article Source:internet [2008/10/10 13:22:08]
Author:The Instrument Group News

The development of modern instrumentation occupies a crucial position in the process of industrial development, We need to focus on the development of instrumentation. Under the impetus of modern science and technology and productivity, As the first instrument measuring apparatus has developed into a more comprehensive discipline,And play an increasingly important role in today's economic and technological development. Experts concluded that its roleinstrument is the "advance guard" of scientific research, "Multiplier"of industrial production, "Combat"of military, "Materialize judge of national activities.Instrumentation industry has become the most typical high-tech industry, The only break the traditional light, mechanical, electrical framework and toward computerized, intelligent, multi-functional in the direction rapidly. The past 20 years, in microelectronics, computer technology, precision machinery technology, high technology, sealing the context of the rapid development of high-tech, instruments of development will be faced with higher demand, which requires faster, more sensitive, better stability.Report from the China Instrument Association statistics show that China instrumentation industry sales growth in the two-year high continued to rise,The first half of 2007, 133.5 billion yuan industrial output value instruments, up 29.1%; product sales 128.9 billion yuan, up 30.7%, all in the history of high;Year profit growth above 40%, total assets of around 18% year on year growth in the industry as a whole in a sound stage of development.National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other competent authorities in accordance with the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan and the State Council, 8, spirit, instrumentation, control systems, intelligent tech industry support to continue to strengthen the National Development and Reform Commission focused on the areas of support, project approval and speed up.With the industry's continuous growth, the demand for high-precision instruments will continue to increase, this is for the general equipment manufacturers a good sign. Market is broad, but how well the market is what we need to think of.