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Based on technological innovation and market development

Article Source: [2008/9/9 16:11:56]
Author:The Instrument Group News

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Technical Center was established in 1997 and 1998 by the State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and the Customs Department as a state technology center.
Technology Center is the company's two technology companies developing systems-level development agencies, which department or plant with grass-roots development of manufacturing sector is different: it is mainly responsible for the company long-term technology development plans with a common development tasks and techniques study, based on more updated technology innovation.
Technology Center since its inception three years, at the national and corporate leaders at all levels of support, mainly to independent development, and research institutes work closely with tertiary institutions to develop the new generation of technology-based field bus intelligent instruments, the specific HART protocol and the FF have to follow protocol pressure / differential pressure, temperature, flow, level and other parameters of the transmitter and electric actuators, realized by digital technology, computer technology and communication technology and other modern technology to transform traditional products, These products were identified by experts to meet international contemporary and leading domestic level.
Technology Center starting this year, in addition to continue to improve the Fieldbus Devices specifications, assist in the production departments for the product put into production and technical preparation in addition, with independent intellectual property rights to the computer control system development, digital display devices and a variety of engineering applications control system development as another focus for the development of sales of these products market, lower production costs have a direct meaning.