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Technical training

Article Source: [2008/9/9 15:33:05]
Author:The Instrument Group News

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Company of all staff in the marketing vice president and chief technology Chen Xu, Chief Engineer for the product under the organization of technical knowledge in a professional training.
Training process, President Chen explained in detail for various types of technical knowledge and were compared with the in-kind, so that staff are more in-depth understanding product performance, advantages and technical features. President Chen also asked the staff for all products classified, to find similar products in the similarities and differences between, more intuitive knowledge and deep understanding of technology.
The course of training staff also made a lot of technical knowledge of the problem, President Chen Xiang Jie analysis of these issues, and to illustrate, so that every staff member to learn more technical knowledge. Training last President Chen summarizes the relevant technical knowledge and emphasizes the understanding of technical knowledge to better serve customers.