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  • Prizes Title:First prize a notebook computer
  • Prizes Name:Dell Laptop
  • Prize type:DELL XPS
  • Prizes prices:
  • Cumulative Points:4000
  • Activity duration:2008-06-27
Type of game-based entertainment notebook
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Series Core 2 Duo (Core 2 Duo)
Processor type Core 2 Duo T7500
CPU core Merom (double core)
Centrino technology Centrino (Santa Rosa)
Nominal frequency (MHz) 2200
2 cache 4MB
Motherboard chipset Intel PM965
800MHz system bus frequency
Picked the wrong type of DDR2 memory
Standard memory capacity (MB) 2048
Support the maximum capacity of 4GB memory
Other features high brightness widescreen, built-in 8 in 1 card reader, camera, Bluetooth, fingerprint
Storage capacity of 120GB hard drive
Performance SATA 5400rpm hard drive
Drive type DVD burners
Display Display type TFT LCD)
Display Size (inches) 13.3)
Standard resolution of 1280 × 800
Screen ratio widescreen