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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
Operator used with S series of intelligent regulator, can also be used with KM series of single-circuit regulator and DTZB-2310A series of digital regulator. with manual/auto switch function, automatic state, output signal based on input signal.
Basic error :
Indication error: ±2.5%
Output signal : 4~20mA
Load resistance : 250~600Ω
Input signal 4~20mA
Valve position feedback input signal: 4~20mA
Valve position feedback output signal: 1~5V
Resistance : 250Ω
Working conditions :
Environments temperature : 5~45℃
Relative humidity : 10~90%
Power supply: 24±2.4V DC
Structure: plated mounted
Power dissipation : 3W,