¡ùCommon Pressure Unit Conversion Tool Function£º
The pressure measurement unit conversion tool is essentially different from the common pressure units conversion table ,pressure unit conversion table unit of pressure only on the relationship between the corresponding list,And the pressure unit conversion tables money can not be the same pressure to specific units or different pressure units conversion or conversion.It can be said pressure unit conversion table will be very much restricted to use,However, the pressure unit conversion than using the formula still has some advantages,Because it is a pressure unit conversion table.The pressure measurement unit conversion tool can completely replace the common pressure unit conversion tables,And can avoid the use of pressure unit conversion formula inconvenience.It can be as stress or pressure unit converter unit conversion£º
  1. Internal pressure of a common conversion or conversion.Such as:Pressure units "Pa" in MPa and kPa or Pa or mutual conversion between the conversion.
  2. Two different conversion between pressure units or mutual conversion.Such as: MPa and convert between psi or mutual conversion.
¡ùUnit and the pressure on the pressure unit conversion:
The so-called pressure unit conversion means between different pressure units, and the pressure value is converted to "1" means when the pressure unit conversion,.Such as: 1 MPa is equal to the number of psi,1 mbar is equal to the number of MPa,The pressure unit conversion is not limited to the pressure value and pressure units. Such as: 1.316 MPa is equal to the number of psi, 1.316 MPa kPa is equal to the number of such, Strictly speaking, the pressure Unit and the pressure is different from the concept of unit conversion.
Common pressure units and their identification symbols: