Operation Guide
    About service
    About receiving goods
We deliver goods through UPS, TNT and FEDEX. In the receiving process, you can refuse to receive the goods for the following reasons:
1. The goods are damaged during the transportation.
2. The model is not the same as the contract.
3. The goods are shortage or delivery wrong.
If the user receives the goods within 3 days without any objection on the quality of products, we will be treated as product acceptance. If you find the products can not run, we will refuse to return or exchange products.
If the products in warranty, we will provide product maintenance services and after-sales service for customers.

    Invoice issue
Any products purchased from the us, with 17% of invoice value-added tax, Exceptional case , In order to facilitate the time of invoicing,please make sure your Full name, Address, Bank account opening, account numbers, tax ID, phone and other necessary information has completed registration online first, or Send the above information by fax to 021-51575133, We will sent the invoice as soon as possible. You can choose two different ways to send the invoice: A, based on user requirements, the invoice sent to the user together with the goods; B, the first shipment, when the user receives goods, we sent the invoice to the user's hands by registered letter; for fear of the invoice lost in the process of sending, we recommends 2 ways, it is relatively safe for users; If the user get the invoice, the invoice found in the rise of content or content Error, how to return and re-invoicing.We under the Shanghai Tax levy (2008) 7 "on the relevant provisions of the VAT invoice" ,so when we in the provision of value-added tax invoices, the user should note the following requirements:
1, When customers received the wrong VAT invoice, please contact communication with us, while the invoice by mail to the us;
2, involves the problem returns, please contact communication with the site, please write a fact sheet and covered with official seal and mail the invoice to us;
3, according to the requirements of tax authorities, Vote counting from the date of VAT, Effective within 3 months ,if anything occurred during this period related to refund ,please bring forth a paper called” bounced note" and post invoices to us, and note that the invoice is not the case before the tax certification process accordingly.
4,If Anything occurred in three months related to the refund, and VAT invoices have been certified tax deduction is required by the client unit to the tax authorities for refund and mail the produce the relevant proof of their tax to the site.
5, If invoices over three months after the refund, regardless of whether the tax certificate can not handle this ticket refund (except return of goods).
6, returns: The customer units need to provide proof of relevant economic contracts and return the original copy of the agreement, undertaking (make clear that returns are indeed true), sent by the client related to prove that the tax, in the proof and mail site related procedures.
7, Please Don’t fold the before wrong invoice, re-sent also to us, mail the following address:
No. 2281 Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai, Postal Code: 200233 Finance Department